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Tech Creations provides cost effective IT Management and Support to our clients delivering all the IT services and support functions required by SMEs.

The performance of your IT environment and infrastructure is critical to both business efficiency and continuity.  Because IT is critical to your business, Tech Creations places an emphasis on providing our clients with both strategic advice and operational support.

Our commitment to “real world” advice and support means that we understand that businesses need IT support and advice on multiple levels. Tech Creations is structured to provide our clients with services from day-to-day staff support, to proactive preventative maintenance through to Technology Strategy and Planning.

We have built our reputation by protecting our clients businesses with reliable, cost effective IT infrastructure and support, applying our experience and delivering sound and valuable advice.

Regardless of the level of support that is appropriate for your business, the technical expertise and experience of our staff means that we provide advice, support and back-up to deal with both your day to day and strategic IT requirements.

Our Approach:
Full Service & Support

Our approach is both hands-on and strategic to provide you with the peace of mind that your IT environment is in safe hands.  It also ensures that we seamlessly integrate with the day-to-day operations of your business. 

The breath of knowledge and experience in our team means that we are able to apply proven approaches to the development of your IT Management Plan and the delivery of our IT Management Services.  We understand the exact requirements of your business and develop a plan that meets your current needs as well as taking into account your future requirements.

A key benefit of our approach is efficiency – we typically deliver a significantly better service level and IT solution than other approaches – and we ensure you get the benefits of the savings we deliver, either through a higher service level or from direct bottom-line savings.

Our delivery and support teams include local Melbourne based technical and support staff and we provide personal and professional on-call support to our clients.

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IT Management

Tech Creations provides structured IT Management and Support Plans that allow us to take the role of an outsourced IT Department or IT Services Provider in the configuration that best suits your business.

We are responsible for the ongoing health and performance of your IT Environment and Infrastructure by providing;

  • IT Management Plan 
  • CIO Level Strategic Planning & Advice
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • On-site Presence & Regular IT Audits
  • Access to Day-to-Day Support 

In a Full Support Plan, we can provide a complete IT department for your business or work with an existing team to provide advice, direction and support.

Our approach allows you to have the benefit of our strategic advice and experience plus the day-to-day support that will keep your business running smoothly.

The IT expertise of our team has been developed in senior roles in leading companies in the commercial sector and in our current role providing IT Support, IT Management and Technology Strategy to a range of companies across all industry verticals. 

Effective communication via regular meetings, email & phone support and easy to follow implementation plans and update reports ensure you are kept informed.

Having Tech Creations as your IT Department gives you complete peace of mind and the benefits that only an experienced IT team can deliver.

Servers & Networking

Tech Creations routinely establish or upgrade servers and networks.  These are a critical part of your business infrastructure and need to be designed intelligently, installed and configured correctly, and maintained to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently.

In simple terms they are a complicated system of servers, racks, switches, software, routers and firewalls – all of which need to work in harmony so that your business runs smoothly and your staff have access to the information and communications that they need to be effective.

We design new installations to meet your current requirements as well as take into account future expansion and growing capacity requirements.  Our expert team of installers and technical staff will install and configure your servers and networks to agreed timelines.  Tech Creations follow the same process for upgrades – giving you the confidence that your system upgrade has been designed and executed correctly from the outset.

Importantly, our approach allows for regularly scheduled maintenance of both new installations and legacy systems – this is essential to maintain peak operations.

Staff Desktop Support

Providing support to your staff is an important function of our Managed IT programs.   

Our local support team and our after-hours support service are highly trained to quickly and efficiently solve any of the day-to-day problems and IT questions that your staff may have.

We are well versed in keeping support calls on track drawing on our experience and working through established diagnostic proceedures to identify and address faults and problems.

In the case of a user fault, the Tech Creations team are trained to offer empathetic support, ensuring that the user has a positive support experience at all times.

Laptop & PC Set-up

Tech Creations provides laptop & PC set-up for new employees, as part of a regular upgrade program for your team or emergency provision in the case of a lost or broken laptop.

We are also able to provide set-up and support for company phones and tablets as well as other technology that your staff utilise in their roles.

Our team will ensure that the device is configured correctly and ready for immediate use saving your staff time and improving productivity.  We also make sure that only authorised and licensed software is installed and that the device is configured to access to company systems and servers.

Install & Configure Software

One of the most common IT Management functions is installing and configuring software and managing software upgrades.

In line with our full service and managed approach, Tech Creations will assess the need for the software upgrade, ensure any costs are considered as part of a business case, and then implement the upgrade.

Our experience and attention to detail including the management of aspects such as testing and user training will ensure that the upgrade runs smoothly.

Procurement & Equipment Provision

Tech Creations have a network of service providers and preferential purchasing agreements with key technology vendors.  As part of our procurement service we will review your requirements and recommend hardware and software solutions to best meet the needs of your business.

Our service includes managing the procurement and then installing the equipment for you at your premises. Our buying power means that we are typically able to procure and provide equipment at below market rates and we pass these savings onto our clients.

VPN & Remote Access

Tech Creations routinely establish virtual private networks for our clients and set up both secure remote access for staff working outside of the main office environment as well as site to site VPN to connect businesses across multiple office locations.

We can assist to establish the two key components required for a remote access VPN – the network access server “NAS” (also known as the remote access server or “RAS”) and configuring the client software that enables the remote computers to access the NAS. 

For site to site VPNs, Tech Creations can advise clients on the best approach – using a Intranet based VPN for internal company use or an extranet based VPN for data sharing with strategic partners, customers or suppliers.

Our team specialises configuration and training the client users with various RDP tools including; Windows Remote Desktop and Team Viewer.  Tech Creations can assist with a bespoke VPN or enable clients to use an off-the-shelf solution. 

System & Data Security

Tech Creations takes a thorough approach System & Data Security to assist in protecting your business continuity, customer relationships and reputation.

Our approach involves a complete a risk assessment of your IT environment and infrastructure to identify potential fail points and areas of risk such as;

  • Security Risks
  • Infrastructure Risks
  • Information Risks
  • Lack of Robustness
  • Equipment & Software Performance 
  • Equipment & Software Obsolescence

Following the risk assessment, risks are ranked in order of seriousness, impact, potential for harm and controllability to provide a risk priority matrix.  Using this risk priority matrix, we will work with you to develop and implement solutions to manage and mitigate each risk in order of priority.

DRP & Continuity Planning

IT Disaster Recovery Planning is a specialised area of Risk Management that ensures that your business will recover following an IT disaster or security breach.

The objective of IT Disaster Recovery Planning is to provide for business continuity in the face of a natural, security disaster or a day-to-day event.

Natural disasters such as fire and flood can devastate a business, however once staff are safe an IT Disaster Recovery Plan can ensure that business operations can continue with minimal disruption.

Security or engineered disasters typically involve a third party’s unauthorised access or hacking into your businesses data or IT environment resulting in significant loss and damage plus the risk of legal action from clients whose data has been compromised.

Day to day events include lost or stolen laptops, corrupted servers and staff leaving the business in possession of your data.

Tech Creations can create Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans and regularly test and verify these capabilities for your business.

Tech Creations will secure and protect your data and IT environment.  This can be achieved through the use of simple back up and restore protocols for data, cloud migration, creating robust firewalls and security systems, through to establishing complete redundant systems and infrastructure and secure “IT bunkers”.

Cloud vs On Premise

There is a lot of discussion about the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure.  We have migrated clients to the cloud so that they can take advantage of; flexibility, easy remote access, cost-savings, and easily scalable future growth. However, based on our experience, we also know that it is not always suitable for every business.  Taking into account your specific requirements and business operating environment, we are able to advise our clients on the best approach for their business – to remain on premise or to move to the cloud.

In either case, we are able to provide the knowledge and support to design, deliver and maintain your system.  Tech Creations support Windows, Mac and Cloud based services and file servers.  We have technical and support staff that are trained in all types of server technology.

When clients move to cloud based systems, we are able to assist with;

  • Migrating infrastructure to the cloud
  • Moving hosting services
  • Establishing and following best practice
  • Protecting business operations and continuity
  • Establishing and maintaining security for your cloud based data
  • Providing ongoing support

Database Systems

Tech Creations have significant experience in establishing and administering databases systems for our clients. Our skills include configuration and managing MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL database systems.  The typical maintenance activities we perform on behalf of our clients include,

  • Daily monitoring of databases, error logs
  • Database server patch up, re-indexing
  • Resolving backup failures
  • Re-building servers

3rd Party Build Management

Tech Creations 3rd Party Build Management involves taking responsibility for planning, organising and managing the resources, infrastructure and technology required to successfully deliver a project.

Taking the role of project manager, the Tech Creations process involves 4 distinct phases;

  • Business Case Development
  • Creating the Project Plan
  • Managing the Project
  • Project Commissioning & Handover

Our experience shows that these 4 phases are critical to the successful delivery of a new project.

Depending on your requirements, and the stage of development of the project, Tech Creations can be engaged to provide support through one or more of these phases.

Our approach to project management allows Tech Creations to manage IT based projects, from routine upgrades to custom development and large enterprise projects.  We can be engaged on a fixed fee or projects basis for small, medium and large projects.

The experience, expertise and leadership provided by Tech Creations encompasses working in harmony with your business and other stakeholders to ensure that the project is planned correctly and runs smoothly.