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Developing, updating or integrating custom software can be a daunting experience for organisations – especially SMEs.

Our proven approach places an emphasis on effective scoping and planning, providing experienced developers, conducting full testing and implementation, and following strong project management disciplines.

As part of our approach we also take care of user training, develop easy to follow user manuals, and provide comprehensive documentation to accompany the software so that it can be easily accessed and updated by future developers.

Tech Creations takes special care of our clients so that you don’t experience headaches that often come with poorly considered or executed software development and integration

The depth of experience in our team, the robustness of our approach and care that we take in development, implementation, training and project management mean that we can provide all the benefits that clients expect from the project and deliver on time and on budget.


Software and system integration is the process that links together different technologies, systems or software to enable them to “talk” to each other even though they were not originally designed to do so.  

Tech Creations has successfully delivered integration projects that have enabled our clients to share data or receive information between systems, platforms, business units or companies.

The benefits of a successful integration typically revolve around creating business efficiency and removing manual processes.  In addition to delivering direct bottom line savings, this improves accuracy and response times – creating better businesses, smoother interactions and happier suppliers, partners and customers.

In each integration project, Tech Creations begins by determining the exact parameters of the systems to be integrated, the business requirement and the expected results of the integration.  We take into account the current and future versions and understand how the data is mapped and structured across the systems to improve connectivity and guard against future disruption.  

Using our experience, we are able to advise clients on the best way to approach the integration and the cost/benefit that they can realistically expect as an outcome – this helps clients make sound fact-based decisions before embarking on a project.  This phase also involves exploring additional options for customisation.

Once the parameters are established, Tech Creations will write the code to link the systems so that they can exchange the data.  Our approach includes comprehensive testing and creating appropriate documentation to guide future development.  

Once the system passes the test phase, we establish a plan for go-live and activate the integration and are available to provide ongoing technical and user support if required.

Custom Development

Tech Creations has developed a number of pieces of custom software for our clients and are experienced developers that take time to understand the exact needs of the organisation in order to develop software that performs to specification and adds value to businesses.

We break our custom development into 5 key stages;

  • Scoping
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Go-Live & Support


Our approach begins with a detailed scoping phase to understand client requirements and set the expectations and deliverables for the software.  The scope is used to agree on the cost of the software and any staging of the development.  As part of our process, the scope, cost, operating parameters and deliverables of the software are documented in a contract for sign-off by the client.


Tech Creations takes a collaborative approach to design combining the skills of our project managers and designers with the managers and end users of the client organisation.  This provides a link between the technical and non-technical aspects of the project.  The design phase includes easy-to-follow story-boards that document how the software will work in principle to ensure that the non-technical members of the development group can be confident in the solution and the technical team can ensure that the operating requirements can be executed in code.


The development phase covers the production and build of the software – beta versions are shared with the client at key stages of development to test operation.  Our project managers and head of development oversee the build process to ensure that the software is coded in line with best practice conventions and is elegantly executed.  We are also careful to include appropriate documentation with the software so that the architecture and operation can be easily understood by future developers.


The testing phase involves both internal and external testing ensuring secure, robust and reliable operation.  Software is tested multiple times through development in component form and the final testing of the completed software is done in both test and live environments prior to final commissioning and roll-out. 

Go-Live & Support

Once the software passes the test phase it is officially launched along with appropriate user training and support – Tech Creations follows an established an proven go-live process and includes monitoring as support in all custom development projects.  In B2B settings, our support and training offer extends to third party users that our direct client may require to use the software.

Solution Architect

The role of solution architect is a specialised one and requires both technical acumen and strategic ability.  They need to design, map and manage a technical solution to address specific business problems.  Tech Creations provides this skill to our clients as part of our planning and strategy service in managed services and in software development.

Manage IT Projects

Tech Creations has significant project management experience and our developers and project managers have delivered major IT infrastructure and software projects for both larger corporations and our SME clients.

Our approach to Project Management involves taking responsibility for planning, organising and managing the resources, infrastructure and technology required to successfully deliver a project.

Taking the role of project manager, the Tech Creations process involves 4 distinct phases;

  • Business Case Development
  • Creating the Project Plan
  • Managing the Project
  • Project Commissioning & Handover

Our experience shows that these 4 phases are critical to the successful delivery of a new project.

Depending on your requirements, and the stage of development of the project, Tech Creations can be engaged to provide support through one or more of these phases.

Our approach to project management allows Tech Creations to manage IT based projects, from routine upgrades to custom development and large enterprise projects.  We can be engaged on a fixed fee or projects basis for small, medium and large projects.

The experience, expertise and leadership provided by Tech Creations encompasses working in harmony with your business and other stakeholders to ensure that the project is planned correctly and runs smoothly.

Analysis & Reporting & Business Intelligence

Fact-based decision-making relies on access to accurate business data in a timely manner.  

Tech Creations supports our clients in the development and implementation of systems and software that provide meaningful business intelligence and assist owners, managers and operational staff to perform their job functions.

Our approach includes automating analysis and reporting as well as the development and delivery of ERP systems.  

Tech Creations specialises in many BI and reporting software such as Tableau, SQL Server Reporting Services, Power BI, Crystal Reports as well as latest Data warehouse and Data mart tools currently available in the market.

We deliver these as individual projects or as part of an overall digital transformation for clients and are delighted to bring tools that have traditionally only been available to “big business” to support our SME clients.

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