Setup Tomcat 7/8 on Docker on OS X

Docker install link use Get Docker for Mac (Stable) After you install Docker check if Docker is installed correctly by running command To install Tomcat 8 on Docker run the following command. To install Tomcat 7 on Docker run the following command. To install Tomcat 8.0 on Docker run the following commands. The following will install…

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Why use NoSQL Database?

Use NoSQL when you have the following need Key-Value store Denormalised cache Personalisation Content management Log store Unstructured big data At Tech Creations we are using MongoDB NoSQL database to store personalisation information in our product Flair Bots. We do this by having a Personalisation micro service that stores the personalised user information (Eg. preferred…

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Relational Database My SQL

Resolve performance or time out issues in MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu

Common issues to look out for when you are using MySQL are as follows: too many connections waiting for table metadata lock slow running queries As a diagnostic step run these commands after you login to MySQL server to get detailed information run to get detailed information and to filter using WHERE clause run To…

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Useful Docker commands

List Docker commands Verify Docker Version Docker system wide information Resource utilisation statistics List all containers (running and non-running) List running containers Stop a container Start a container Restart a container Kill a container Remove a container Download Docker container List all Downloaded Docker container images Search Docker images (Eg. tomcat)

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RESTful Services Development Environment Setup using Spring STS, Tomcat 7, Maven on OSX

1) JDK pre-requisite (JRE is not enough) 2) Download Spring STS 3) Download Tomcat 7 from 4) Extract to a Tomcat folder called Tools in Workspace 5) Setup Spring STS IDE 6) Click on Create New Server under Servers pane 7) Configure the location of Tomcat to the extracted location in Step 3 8) Download Maven 9) Extract to a Maven folder called Tools in Workspace 10) On…

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