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Working remotely

Technology and tools we use to work remotely

We use the following technology and tools to work remotely: Barracuda CloudGen Firewall VPN Service – We have been using Barracuda CloudGen firewall for over a over a year now. All the products that we promote to our clients need to pass internal testing. We have a fibre 1000 connection from TPG to our office…

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Local Melbourne Based IT Support for SMEs

Tech Creations provides local IT support for Melbourne SMEs. Local Melbourne Based Support Tech Creations specialises in providing IT Services, IT Infrastructure and IT Support for SMEs from our head office in Melbourne. We provide business hours phone and on-site support from our locally based Melbourne team as well as after hours support from our…

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AWS – Using DMS to migrate MySQL 8 on RDS to Amazon Aurora

To migrate MySQL 8 to Amazon Aurora we will be using AWS Data Migration Service (DMS). AWS is currently offering free use for 6 months per instance if you are migrating Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon DocumentDB. For more on this visit this link. Data Migration Service Setup Step 1 – Create…

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AWS – Setup read replica for MySQL on RDS

Step 1 – Setup MySQL Read Replica instance Select RDS MySQL instance Click on Actions > Create read replica Step 2 – Configure read replica DB instance Instance specifications DB instance classSelect Database instance class of your choice. Multi-AZ deploymentChoose Multi-AZ deployment for high availability (i.e. for production workloads) Storage typeChoose Provisioned IOPS (SSD) for…

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Generating Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and SSL installation on Windows Server IIS 10

Logon to your Windows server and open IIS Step 1 – Select the server (top level) on the Connections pane Step 2 – Double click on Server Certificates Step 3 – Click on Create Certificate Request Step 4 – Fill in details for the certificate Enter the following details: Country/region – This is the two-letter abbreviation…

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Agile DevOps

FlairBots – CI/CD Automation using AWS CodePipeline and ECS

FlairBots Developers push the code to Development / Master branch. AWS CodeCommit will deploy Development branch to Test AWS ECS and Master branch to Production AWS ECS. AWS CodeBuild compiles, creates and stores Docker images in AWS ECR. AWS CodeDeploy deploys Docker images to AWS ECS

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Generating a Private Key and Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in Ubuntu 18.04

Logon to your Ubuntu server using SSH. Step 1 – Setup a new Directory Create a folder to store the files called in home directory called ssl. Go into the newly created directory. Step 2 – Create Private Key Generate a private key by executing the following command. Type in pass phrase. Step 3 –…

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How can I list ALL DNS records?

On Ubuntu or Mac OS use the following commands: or

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Setup Tomcat 7/8 on Docker on OS X

Docker install link use Get Docker for Mac (Stable) After you install Docker check if Docker is installed correctly by running command To install Tomcat 8 on Docker run the following command. To install Tomcat 7 on Docker run the following command. To install Tomcat 8.0 on Docker run the following commands. The following will install…

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Extracting hosted zone records from AWS Route 53

Install AWS CLI on a linux machine. Get the hosted zone ID for the hosted zone by logging onto AWS console and navigating to Route 53 panel. Ensure that AWS CLI user has permissions to read Route 53 records. You can attach AmazonRoute53ReadOnlyAccess policy to the user. Run the following command to get the output…

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Cyber attack

Protect your business against Cyber Crime

It has never been more important to protect your business from Hackers, Viruses and Malware. Every day we see news reports of serious security breaches and we often get contacted by businesses for help after they have been cyber attacked and by then the damage has been done. Protect your business continuity Protect your clients…

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