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Working remotely

Technology and tools we use to work remotely

We use the following technology and tools to work remotely: Barracuda CloudGen Firewall VPN Service – We have been using Barracuda CloudGen firewall for over a over a year now. All the products that we promote to our clients need to pass internal testing. We have a fibre 1000 connection from TPG to our office…

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Local Melbourne Based IT Support for SMEs

Tech Creations provides local IT support for Melbourne SMEs. Local Melbourne Based Support Tech Creations specialises in providing IT Services, IT Infrastructure and IT Support for SMEs from our head office in Melbourne. We provide business hours phone and on-site support from our locally based Melbourne team as well as after hours support from our…

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How can I list ALL DNS records?

On Ubuntu or Mac OS use the following commands: or

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Setup Tomcat 7/8 on Docker on OS X

Docker install link use Get Docker for Mac (Stable) After you install Docker check if Docker is installed correctly by running command To install Tomcat 8 on Docker run the following command. To install Tomcat 7 on Docker run the following command. To install Tomcat 8.0 on Docker run the following commands. The following will install…

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Extracting hosted zone records from AWS Route 53

Install AWS CLI on a linux machine. Get the hosted zone ID for the hosted zone by logging onto AWS console and navigating to Route 53 panel. Ensure that AWS CLI user has permissions to read Route 53 records. You can attach AmazonRoute53ReadOnlyAccess policy to the user. Run the following command to get the output…

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Cyber attack

Protect your business against Cyber Crime

It has never been more important to protect your business from Hackers, Viruses and Malware. Every day we see news reports of serious security breaches and we often get contacted by businesses for help after they have been cyber attacked and by then the damage has been done. Protect your business continuity Protect your clients…

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Case Study – SOHO Living

‘Tech Creations are very good to work with. They are available when we need them and are able to provide the support required.  There have been no dramas the whole way,” said Nathan. Overview  & Objectives SoHo Living is a Melbourne based residential property developer that focuses on building elegant and contemporary houses and townhouses. The business…

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Digital Transformation for SMEs

In business we often hear new buzz-words and “Digital Transformation” has been getting a lot of attention in recent years – but does it apply to SMEs?  In short, the answer is YES – digital transformation can benefit SMEs! Tech Creations has helped a number of our SME clients successfully take advantage of digital transformation…

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IoT – The Internet of Things for SMEs

A popular topic of discussion is the Internet of Things – while this seems like something complicated that concerns big business, the reality is it’s actually quite simple and is relevant to businesses of all sizes. Put simply, The Internet of Things means the interconnection of everyday objects via the internet enabling them to send and…

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IT Headaches? Try Melbourne Based IT Support For SME’s

Tech Creations specialises in providing IT Services, IT Infrastructure and IT Support for SMEs and our head office is in the Melbourne CBD. That means that we can give you direct support – either over the phone or in person – when you need it most. We specialise in working with SME’s and we know…

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