Step 1 – Setup MySQL Read Replica instance

  1. Select RDS MySQL instance
  2. Click on Actions > Create read replica

Step 2 – Configure read replica DB instance

Instance specifications

  1. DB instance class
    Select Database instance class of your choice.
  2. Multi-AZ deployment
    Choose Multi-AZ deployment for high availability (i.e. for production workloads)
  3. Storage type
    Choose Provisioned IOPS (SSD) for high performance (i.e for production workloads)

Network & Security

  1. Destination region
  2. Destination DB subnet group
  3. Availability Zone
  4. Publicly accessible
    Strongly recommended to keep database instances in private subnets and not publicly accessible.
  5. VPC security groups


Enable encryption if required for compliance.


Verify Read replica source and name DB instance identifier

Database options

Default port is 3306

Enable IAM DB authentication for easier user authentication.


Configure enhanced monitoring for production workloads.

Log exports

Configure Error log, General log and Slow query log for production workloads.


Allow minor version upgrades.

Step 3 – Wait for instance to be created

Primary instance will go to Modifying state for a few minutes. If the primary is not using Multi AZ setup, performance of the primary may have an impact.

Primary instance will go to Available once a copy of the database is taken.

Primary and Replica will go to Available once replication is successful.

Check Connectivity & security tab Replication area to ensure that Replication state is Replicating

Step 4 – Connect to the instance

Connect to bastion instance.

Connect to database instance.