‘Tech Creations are very good to work with. They are available when we need them and are able to provide the support required.  There have been no dramas the whole way,” said Nathan.

Overview  & Objectives

SoHo Living is a Melbourne based residential property developer that focuses on building elegant and contemporary houses and townhouses. The business wanted to appoint an external IT support partner to help them develop and build their IT solutions when it commenced operations in 2016. 

Soho was initially looking for software services and a business management tool that could help them administer their upcoming projects. But they also wanted a company that could solve their IT issues, provide cost-effective procurement of hardware and software, and who would be good to support them through the next phase of growth. 

As a new business, one of the key requirements was ensuring that the infrastructure would be set up in such a way to cater for future growth. The business needed a solid infrastructure service, disaster recovery processes, and assistance with procurement and hardware maintenance as the team grew. 

Being a sales driven organisation, critical reports providing visibility of day to operations would need to be available from the CRM at the outset. The sales team would also need full access to work remotely and critical infrastructure such as emails and phones available at all times.

Nathan Jenkinson, SoHo’s General Manager, looked at a couple of different companies but chose Tech Creations based on the range of services and skills on offer. 

‘Tech Creations had experience in infrastructure service, disaster recovery, and procurement.  The fact they came highly recommended by another business we knew also helped.’


Tech Creations began work implementing the CRM to be able to provide the reports the business needed for day-to-day operations. Tech Creations works with a CRM product that is customisable and the focus was on providing a positive solution rather than just recommending a product. An infrastructure solution was also provided to allow files to be managed in a central location, with full back up, and so all workstations were secure. 

Once this infrastructure work was completed the arrangement moved to a full contract, which initially involved an hourly plan. This involved SoHo calling when they needed service and being invoiced based on usage. This was an opportunity for SoHo to gauge how much support they were going to need in the longer term.

Tech Creations then looked at leveraging cloud technology to ensure the business was protected if the network went down or in the event of a fire and to provide the access required for staff to work remotely. The majority of critical information was being recorded off-site so this arrangement would provide both the necessary protection and access for all staff regardless of their location. 

With a fast growing business, effective communication between the two organisations was critical. All staff at SoHo has full access to Tech Creations support. The point of entry is through first level support via the 1300 number, email, or by logging a query through a web-based interface. This ticket is transparent and can then be tracked by the employee to see how their query is progressing. The escalation process was also included in the contract along with SLA’s.

As SoHo was experiencing significant growth, an efficient staff induction process was required to ensure new personnel was up and running quickly. This process enables Tech Creations to know what hardware will be required for what roles and for the new employee to be operational as soon as possible.

Proactive measures have been put in place to monitor the network and stay ahead of any issues. A thorough daily checklist ensures backups are running as expected and any security issues addressed as soon as possible. 

Tech Creations liaise on behalf of SoHo with other software vendors who prefer speaking to an IT person who understands their business requirements and can then recommend the appropriate IT solution.

Regular communication and meetings ensure Tech Creations can prepare for future IT issues and ensure customer service levels are where they need to be. These meetings also provide an opportunity to receive staff feedback which can also be validated by the ticketing feedback process which enables SoHo staff to rate their experience by the incident.

Outcomes & Benefits

The relationship with Tech Creations began with the Directors of SoHo engaging the company for certain tasks but quickly developed into much more because of Tech Creation’s expertise, time to response, and the broad range of services on offer.

‘We always try and get back as soon as possible and provide the clients with complete visibility regarding what is going on. We can do most things, even other services that we may not promote such as repairing most hardware as our team are specialised in hardware diagnostics.   There are not many problems we cannot solve,’ said Harsha Manjunath, Co-Director Tech Creations.


Tech Creations continues to work with the SoHo construction team to provide IT services and to implement its software Flair bots for multi-unit projects. The software was not compatible with multi-unit projects initially but can now interact with SoHo’s construction based software. The decision to proceed was based on both advancements in the software and Tech Creations focus on end-to-end solutions. 

The final word is from Nathan Jenkinson – General Manager – SoHo Living.

‘Tech Creations are very good to work with. They are available when we need them and are able to provide the support required.  There have been no dramas the whole way,” said Nathan.