In business we often hear new buzz-words and “Digital Transformation” has been getting a lot of attention in recent years – but does it apply to SMEs? 

In short, the answer is YES – digital transformation can benefit SMEs!

Tech Creations has helped a number of our SME clients successfully take advantage of digital transformation to;

Put simply, Digital Transformation relates to using IT to improve how a business works.  It’s worth noting that digital transformation is often used to also describe digitisation and digitalisation so it’s worth understanding the difference.


The first step in digital transformation is digitisation.  This is where a business changes data from analogue to digital formats.  Most businesses have already converted from paper-based accounting to computer based accounting packages or keep their customer information in a spread sheet or database – this is digitisation.


Now that data is in a digital format – businesses are able to utilise “digitalisation”.  This covers the simple process of IT based change in the business to create efficiencies – such as automated invoicing, mining customer data and looking for usage or service patterns, and preparing reports from the accounting and sales data. The key here is that once the data has been digitised it enables change. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is in many ways an extension of digitalisation.  The difference is that with Digital Transformation, businesses embrace the technologies as being fundamental to their business model or to create a competitive operational advantage.  

Examples such as Uber and Air-BnB are business that wouldn’t be able to exist without digitalisation and digital transformation both within their internal technologies and those used by their customers.  

In less extreme examples, digital transformation can also be used to describe a major operational change within a business – typically to create efficiency.  For example a cloud based ERP system that lets field technicians receive appointments, log information relating to service calls and then automatically generate invoices to clients without any additional data processing from the accounts team.

What Next?

Its likely that your business is already well down the path of digitisation and digitalisation and may have already engaged in some innovative digital transformation – Tech Creations can apply our experience to help you on your digital transformation journey.

Tech Creations can help unlock the potential of your business and drive growth, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and create operational efficiency – we have the skills and the ability to help digitally transform your business processes and operations to create a smarter more efficient business.

We’ve helped many of our clients in their digital transformation to drive business improvement and operational efficiency. 

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